Development With WordPress

11 Sep

Development With WordPress

Wordpress is an open source PHP software. Generally it is an one content management system it helps you to manage the content of the website. Apart from it wordpress mainly known as blogging system. By default it has admin interface. It has so many flexible features.

  • By default it has two type “Posts” and “Pages”.
  • Media library have. Once image upload using media library it will auto store.
  • Wordpress support various plugins by which we can extend the functionality of the websites.
  • Wordpress have HTML editor using it we can upload content and customize content.
  • Wordpress have user management system by which we manage users.
  • Using wordpress we can develop various kinds of websites like ecommerce, photo gallery, content management system, blog etc. because it has the flexible code structure.
  • We can create custom theme as well as pre-prepare theme we can use.
  • It has the permalink feature by using it can be change URL structure of the websites as well as can be convert website URL in SEO-friendly URL structure.
  • It have multilingual feature
  • Easy database connection

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