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The Importance Of Web Design Accessibility

14 Mar

The Importance Of Web Design Accessibility

Introduction: Web Design Accessibility

It's no secret that web design is changing rapidly. It was once an obscure craft reserved for computer scientists and graphic designers, but now anyone can create a website in minutes with just a computer and some software. But this ease of use comes with tradeoffs. Therefore sites are often designed without the user's needs in mind, which leads to issues like poor navigation or slow load times. However, with good web design accessibility, it is becoming for people with disabilities to experience the Internet on their terms. Web accessibility is the practice of making websites usable by people with disabilities. It's about ensuring that the web experience is as inclusive as possible, regardless of what device you're using or where in the world you live. With effective web design accessibility, the texts, images and visual features on a website are readable and understandable by all users regardless of their visual impairment or cognitive ability. 

Why Is Web Design Accessibility Important?

The main benefit of web design accessibility is that it helps make sure that everyone can use your site. If you have a website that only works for people with disabilities and those who are blind or visually impaired, you stand a chance to lose potential customers. Effective web design accessibility helps with search engine optimization (SEO). A website with good accessibility is bound to be filled with top-quality search engine optimization techniques. Besides, accessibility gives you a good reputation with search engines, ranking you higher than your competitors. While creating a website design with effective accessibility, designers always consider factors like keyboard navigation, colour contrast, mobile device compatibility, etc. They also consider people with low vision, cognitive disabilities and mobility impairments. Such robust web design accessibility ensures that your customer base and acquisition rate increases immensely.

How To ImproveWeb Design Accessibility?

Your website must be accessible by all users; however, there are some things you can do on the back end (or, in this case, on the front) that will help make it more accessible for everyone. Here are the top 4 tips to increase your web design accessibility:
  • Use ALT Tags in Images:

As search engines cannot see the images used on a site, adding ALT tags help them recognize what the image is about, allowing the site a higher rank on search result pages.
  • Do Not Use Dummy Text: 

Using dummy texts on a web design can hamper its accessibility. To have effective web design accessibility, ensure your site is filled with valuable content. 
  • Use Heading Tags:

Using heading tags like H1, H2, H3 and more will make your site more optimized and will make it look more organized. As a result, it will help increase your user experience and web design accessibility.
  • Use accurate URLs:

The URL of your website or webpage should be descriptive and accurate. It should help users comprehend what the site is about just by looking at it.


In conclusion, web design accessibility can be an important and necessary part of any organization. By creating accessible designs, we are able to make our websites more accessible for everyone, no matter what their abilities or disabilities are. With the help of accessible design principles, we can create beautiful and successful websites that help us meet the needs of all our customers.


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